Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Summer Knitting

I am laying a tribute of green knitting amongst the grass to encourage verdant pasture for Jonno over Summer. It was either that or sacrifice a virgin and I am really not into that.

It really is Summer and so, I have fled the hot indoors and am now sitting in the golden evening light with Jonno while he programs his new phone ("I'm not sure I like it" and "Hmmmph") and I am making the most of having a laptop by typing away to the off-key chorus of braying cows. Little midges are flying in illumination and the peeping things are peeping. The time of year we dream about for the rest.
The boys are celebrating the change of season by doing what all small children do and have been dancing under this millennium's maypole, the sprinkler. Thank god we live in a country with water..... Admittedly they did have a fight over who controlled the water at one stage but considering all of the full grown politicians in Australia are currently wrangling over the same issue, I shouldn't be surprised. Or in fact, maybe the surprising thing is that they (the small children) resolved it - take note politicians of the arid world.
A good day today, lots of painting and getting ready for Christmas. I love the legitimacy that Christmas brings to the world of crafting. I was just speaking with a friend today and she said how many headbands she had left to knit. We both ended up admitting how much we love it when all of a sudden crafting becomes the household imperative in the drive toward saving yuletide money. Although I have to admit there is always a strong household imperative toward art and craft at any time of year in this house. I am starting to cool down so I may begin my slow creep back into the house to my paints.


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