Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Patient Bundle of Paintings

All the paintings are lined up by the door waiting to see who will be chosen. It is an anxious moment for them.
See how patient they are though, no shuffling or muttering. I hope the boys are like this at the airport tomorrow.

Archie brought home this cushion he made at school. I think it is so divine and am looking forward to resting my head against the angel's sky blue wings.

We are hopefully nearing the home straight. Our last kitten has been given away - bless you Captain Snow and may your life be filled with love and mice. We have shown our house-sitters around and explained that while the lamb does occasionally come inside, we don't encourage it. Suitcases are surrounded by highly organised piles and bedtime beckons like a... well, like a really comfortable bed might if it had arms and fingers and the ability to move them. Goodbye and I will sign off from my blog for a couple of weeks - if I am near a computer I will do the odd post. Lots and lots of love and a big happy Christmas and New Year to you all. xxooxxooxx

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