Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Christmas Glimpse - a picnik collage

A little window of peace in an entirely ridiculous week. Australia is looming large on Thursday and so, rather than knitting and sewing, I am weaving in all the loose tails of our life, trying to make sense of everything in order to leave the house ship-shape for our house-sitters. Of course it is all metaphorical and my mind is having a good sort too.
Presents are now all done - next Christmas is definitely going to be completely hand made even if I have to opt out of a few Kris-Kringles, however, there are still a few presents that have sprung forth from my eager hands. Tomorrow, a few of the felt brooches pictured above will be distributed to willing breasts as will writing paper and felt pockets as mentioned a few posts ago.

I still have a little bit of painting to catch up on but I have to admit inspiration is wearing thin. All I really feel like doing is eating rich food, drinking lots of alcaholy stuff and reading really, really good books where you become lost on another continent or if you are lucky, an entirely different world. Sounds like a holiday....

1 comment:

  1. Happy Christmas dear. you produce something exceptional once again. These picnik collage is beautiful and inspiring. The colors are beautiful and idea is creative. Keep sharing!!



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