Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bye Bye Stanley.

Stanley and the paintings have been delivered to the hall in order to be auctioned (silently) at tonight's school ball. He looked so handsome and nonchalant as he placed him carefully on the goods table.
This is what I am working on for fun at the moment - little blossoms. I'll write more about these at a later date.
Hugo snuggling up under his blanket watching Saturday morning cartoons.
And some fabric waiting for me to transform it into large cushion covers for an old couch. I might let that wait until next week though. Today the sewing machine will be busy making adaptations to my Bollywood outfit for tonight...
P.S. I have just been told that Stanley has already had the first bid of the auction by one of the mothers involved with setting up the hall. How exciting!


  1. Stanley will be a lovely companion for someone. Wish it was me. :-) I'd love to see you in your Bollywood costume. Will you post a photo? Please?!! Enjoy the school ball and your weekend.

  2. i like stanley! and your blossoms are pretty gorgeous, wondering what they will become. and your couch kids is pretty cute too!
    have a good weekend :)

  3. That fabric is just beautiful! Hope Stanley enjoys his new home.

  4. Hi! a bollywood party sounds like lots of fun to me! love the fabric with the birdcages on, jennyx

  5. I'm sure Stanley will charm the bidders into upping their bids cos he is very cute. Hope the auction is a success. And do let us have a peek at your Bollywood outfit:)

  6. stanley is great! not surprised he's already popular!

  7. lourving your renno's.
    Stanley is divine. SO divine. and so are his mates!
    Have a happy day.
    xx Amy
    P.S. how are your chookies coming along? Got any recipe's that contain A LOT of eggs?

  8. Stanley is adorable. I am sure he will be a big hit at the auction (and no doubt your Bollywood outfit will be a hit too). How gorgeous is that fabric? Love it!

  9. Oh Kate, I so wish I could come to your silent auction (although being silent could be a problem for me) I would buy Stanley and all your wonderful pictures with my imaginary money....the same money that has paid for my return flight to New Zealand and booked me a room in a luxury hotel nearby!!! Ahhh dreams!!!! Lots of love, Amanda xxx Love to your Mum too!

  10. I'm sure all your goodies will go like hot-cakes! Love Stanley's designer jumper by the way. Very amused by your parents sin bin........... must admit the t-shirts did make me squirm slightly, and my sister and I would never do t-shirts like that for my parents! Love Vanessa xxx

  11. Very fun Kate! I know Stanley will make someone happy!



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