Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Filling Pidgeon Holes.

My new desk arrived yesterday - an old rimu postmaster's desk.
One day when homework starts to become a huge thing, I will have to pass it on to Archie. But for the moment, it is all mine to fill with as I see fit.
I love their way of sorting - k. with l. brilliant.
Stanley and his friends were star gazing last night. Sadly they all became stuck in the same position.
Hugo's space. He needed to have a green room - simply needed to.
And I was more than happy with that.
Love Kate, xxooxxooxx.


  1. I love Hugo's green space, that colour is gorgeous. As green is one of my favourite colours, hubbie very kindly painted me a feature wall in our bedroom. In fact we've to feature walls everywhere in our house, I just love colour. Thanks for sharing Kate.

  2. What a gorgeous desk! A great find, that will be hard to give up I would imagine.
    ps. Just reading Anne's comment above, our bedroom has deep lime green wall too!

  3. Hi Kate, I too love the green and imagine it is something like the green around the mobile, not as it is in most of the photo, is that right? The desk is certainly a treasure! Maybe Archie needs a more ordinary one that he can carve his name on and stick chewing gum under the edges, spill ink on it, etc... you get my meaning! Love Mum

  4. Oh wow. That is one fabulous desk! Love it and would find it very difficult to hand over to the kids ;) Love the green - Hugo obviously has excellent taste :) Kx

  5. Loving that desk and all those pigeon holes!

    And that green. LOVE IT.

  6. Cor, I'd like a desk like that! Love your latest paintings too x

  7. What a fabulous desk, love the green room and those bunnies are to die for!

  8. Love your desk - oh those lovely little cubby holes just asking for wee treasures. And the lime walls are scrumptious. Don't they remind you of the warmth of summer:)

  9. GORGEOUS desk Kate! I'd be very surprised if you do pass it on, you just won't be able to part with it. Hugo is a very interesting little boy isn't he? It's wonderful to see his tastes and individuality, both your boys are very creative, it's fascinating, like watching the progress of my Niece and Nephew, and it all happens so fast, doesn't it? Love Vanessa xxx

  10. I just LOVE your rabbits and their stripped clothes!!

  11. What a wonderful desk in such good condition!
    And I love that green, do you know its name? Happy weekend, Kate.



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