Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stanley the Rabbit.

Stanley's friends - Florence is still waiting for her face.
Stanley and the two paintings (well one painting and one paper collage) are all ready for the school ball auction. I don't know if you can read Stanley's label but it says "Hello, my name is Stanley. I like to listen to music and drink milkshakes". It has taken me quite a while to get the pattern right and I think I am almost there. Maybe in another twenty or so rabbits.
And a little peek into the laundry. The yellow is a bit washed out in this photo - it is much richer and I love how it contrasts with the pink in the laundry. My first real, grownup laundry. There is even an extra toilet in it! I'm thinking a chandelier might work well in there too...


  1. Stanley is too cute for words. I love the way he stands real casual like. :-) Everybody needs two loos in their house. A girl needs some privacy right? Love the pink!

  2. Stanley is a dude! I love your collages. Congrats on your 1st grown up laundry - looks very styley. A chandelier would set it off nicely. My friend has one in her toilet room & it looks fantastic.

  3. I too love Stanley and his nonchalant attitude! In fact he does have attitude doesn't he! I love the colour scheme as you knew I would. Love Mum

  4. Ah Stanley, he is so cute. Must have been quite a task to work out the pattern, well done.
    Hen x

  5. I love the way your rabbits have their paws tucked into their pockets, so nonchalant. Your paintings are looking wonderful, I particularly like the one in the frame. Busy as ever, hey Kate?! Love Vanessa xxx

  6. Ooh Kate yes, a chandelier in the laundry room!! Im loving the colours you have chosen! And as for the rabbits, their names, their faces - they just have such a Joe Cool look about them, I think they're fabulous!!

    Much love, Julia x x x

  7. If a laundry has a lou it must have a chandelier. x



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