Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rabbits and Home.

This morning I am feeling more than a little nostalgic as I have been sorting through my photos from Australia. I am so settled living in New Zealand but it is heartbreaking to leave my niece and nephews behind when I say goodbye. Last time I was over (nearly a year ago) my second tiniest niece wasn't speaking and now she tells jokes and stories (her hands are pictured holding the rabbits made while I was in Australia) and her delicious big brother is now 'a big grade one boy'. My older nephews are doing interesting things like learning flute and cello and reading wonderful books that I love as well... Ouch it hurts.
However, after moving 16 times by the time I was 24, I think this stop in New Zealand is it for me, for a long time to come anyway. Our house is finally finished after nine years of working on it bit by bit and as far as the boys are concerned, it's their womb (mine too).
This week I thought I would focus on showing you corners of our house and what it means to me. In the meantime, enjoy the photos of the rabbits - I have now finished working out my ultimate crochet rabbit pattern and will show you photos of the final version early in the week. Take care and snuggle up in the sun (if it's sunny) or by the fire (if it's cold outside and not actually your house burning up). Love Kate xxooxxooxx.
P.S. I think my Mum is going through a similar withdrawal at the moment too. Go over and say hello if you can.


  1. Withdrawals in a big way! The rabbits look so 'real', I wish the rabbits we have here look like yours do. Just imagine going out in the morning and seeing brightly coloured rabbits playing around in the grass. Surely we farmers wouldn't want to get rid of them then! Love Mum

  2. Hi Kate,

    It's always hard to go back after visiting home. My parents and brother live on the other side of Australia so I understand. I'm glad you have your lovely new room to enjoy and maybe make another rabbit or two. They are soooo cute.

    Take care,


  3. Sending you a big squeeze! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  4. It sounds like you've had a lovely time but it's always hard saying goodbye. The rabbits are really sweet too. Have a good week.:)

  5. Sweet little hands holding those bunnies. I'm sure it is difficult being away from family. Now its their turn to visit you....

  6. o wow...those are beautiful things...I love the collage...big and small..what a wonderful idea :) definitely something my kids can do with me :).



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