Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday Season.

Well, it has taken me a whole year to recover from last birthday season and now, I am finding that it is all about to start again. Wahoo?
Because I would really rather be making things out of this. Actually, I am sure with a good sleep tonight I will begin to feel that festive excitement again...
Cup of carrot tea anyone.
Lots of love, kate xxooxx.


  1. Wish we could come! xoxoxo

  2. 'Built by Wendy' looks fab - looking forward to hearing what you think.
    On a sadder note the news here in the uk has been full of Christchurch this morning. I lived in NZ for 5 years in the mid 90's and have a huge love for the country. Thinking of everyone there with love.

  3. Hope this finds you safe and well with all the earthquakes we are hearing about here in the US. We are praying for all of you.



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