Friday, February 4, 2011

Skirts and Stuff.

Yesterday, despite the fact my house has still not recovered from school holidays (or maybe because of) I was compelled to make something. You know that feeling you get sometimes where if you ignore the call of the making, you will go legally and clinically insane.
Years ago I bought a Cath Kidston single doona (duvet) cover on sale. The boys happily slept with it on their bed but as we suddenly seem to have an influx of covers all of a sudden, I thought that finally, the fabric could become mine - particularly while it is in such good condition still. I would show you more photos of the resulting skirt because it turned out really well and I adore it and it is so lovely and light to wear... However, I won't as we are going through one of the most humid spells I can remember and every photo Jonno has taken has me looking very green, sweaty and deathy (I know there should be an l in the last word but I think it works better without it). I love the yellow piping on it - and - today - in a second hand shop - I found a yellow Metallicus top that was born to be worn with it. Wahoo, thank you to the gods of yellow.
Have a great weekend, I am now off to pass out on the couch - how am I expected to remain upright when the air is made of water?


  1. Its the same here today but I like it more than the dry heat, sorry. Not that that means I get more done. I havent even started the housework yet :)

  2. I can't imagine how bad the humididty and heat is where you the moment just woke up and put on two pairs of socks, cosy jumper and dressing gown over the top......brrrrrr it's freezing here.

    Love the look of your skirt, the piping really brings out the lovely floral pattern in the CK fabric.
    florrie x

  3. Hi Kate , love that skirt....what a great bit of recycling :0)
    You crochet is looking very cute too.
    Jacquie x

  4. Oooh Kate, that fabric is divine. Look forward to seeing the skirt and its yellow accompaniments in all their glory. Happy weekend.
    Hen x

  5. Good Lord woman! Can you get any more talented? Your skirt is stunning! I think I want to be you...except I couldn't pull it off! I shall just have to be glad to have you as my friend won't I? xxxxx

  6. I followed a trail from this blog to that and ended up finding you. I've had a lovely time visiting. Glad I found you - please send some of your unwanted heat here, we're shivering a lot in the UK.



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