Saturday, February 18, 2012

Early Birthdays.

I don't think I have written it here but the whole family has been saving for an ipod touch to share. We finally reached our goal (after months) and this morning I presented it to the boys. I told the boys they had to wait on the couch and give each other a cuddle. Archie's face is a picture of excitement but Hugo's, well you can see that he is just happy to be sprawled all over his brother - monkey.
This is why I have gone a bit fancy with my photos - I have been using the photo app - I promise to go back to normal photos soon. Anyhoo, we are about to go to a birthday party and I have been asked to bring along some melting moment biscuits. I have made so many batches lately that I thought I would go a little tamely-wild - chocolate with blue vanilla icing and then rolled in sprinkles.
Hugo says that they are good.
Aaaaggggghhhhh sprinkles.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


roz said...

multi coloured yum !

Aubrey said...

No comments and then two on the last...I thought I had lost the first! Yummy looking biscuits.

Faith said...

Now those cakes look sprinkles!

Also, love the hipstamatic pics from two posts back, can you get that in glasses, as I could order a few pairs for guests when they come to visit me.....sounds like th perfect solution to my chaotic house!

sue said...

Yummy cookies Kate and isn't it lovely when you can encourage your children to hug each other, they love it so much LOL!

Cathy said...

Ha ha they look like the opposite of my last big cake- blue cake and chocolate icing! Look yummy though!

Esther said...

Love your blog :)

Fleur Cotton said...

Whoa! Love the blue icing!!

We are currently doing the ipod touch saving up too- though my daughter is very impatient!

Hope your boys enjoy both the ipod and the sprinkles.

Fleur xx


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