Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pants and Bags.

I have been knitting some some little trousers for a person with very little legs and for something that began as a portable project, it has become addictive and I now can't stop (Archie's jumper is safely sitting in a basket waiting for sleeves). I will include pattern details in the next few days.
I've also been making a new knitting bag - I need about a billion of them as I have so many bits pieces of the go.
Birds and marshmallows.
The bias binding came from Spotlight. It's almost edible and also comes in an aqua stripe.
Better get back to the knitting.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. That binding is divine! If binding *can* be divine, that is! Gorgeous colour combos. As usual!

  2. hey...it's AGES since I've been over here! I must've forgotten to put you on my sidebar (tis done now!) and whenever I pop over I remember how much I love your banner!
    fee x

  3. Those are so stink'n cute!!! And I agree that your header is totally lovable! <3

  4. That bird fabric is sooo cute I love it!

  5. Love the pink and white fabric all the more because you called it marshmallow!! Goes brilliantly with the birdy fabric and binding.

  6. gorgeous knitting and I love your new knitting bag so much! you are quite right, one knitting bag is never enough ...
    Barbara x :)

  7. totally LOVE the yummo binding (and you) xxxxxxxxxxxx evie pops xx

  8. Hi Kate! I decided to nominate you for the versatile blog award, I hope you will accept, but if you don't or won't, never mind! You can see all the details on my blog! Amelita

  9. Oh my goodness - the birds fabric is beautiful! Do you happen to remember where you bought it? I'd love to buy some!
    Thanks so much.

  10. Lovely bag - I'm pretty impatient and new to sewing, and can only dream of edges that neat and straight! I wonder if Spotlight ship to the UK....



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