Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Hipstamatic Tour of Our House.

I was wondering if you would like to have a little wander around our house? I am always intensely curious about where other people live so I assume everybody else probably feels much the same way. I had better explain the photos first though, I am using my new hipstamatic app which I have decided, softens the general scruffiness of our place.... it makes mess look retro and old style. Soooo, this is the front of our house, Bertie is keeping guard.
This is the pergola that Jonno built for my birthday back in October. I am thrilled because the wisteria has now grown half way along the top. The edging beds have been planted with blueberries which will form a very loose, informal hedge along the sides.
This is looking down to our recently abandoned vege garden - the trees are now so lovely and tall they have shaded out the beds - time to get digging some new ones.
This is a little peek into our bedroom - our dresser is very messy but see... with the app it just looks interesting.
My favourite yellow doors.
Awwww, folded clothes on a couch - I am happy because that means we will all have clean underpants to wear tomorrow.
This is where we clean our teeth and (if you are Jonno) shave.
The bath.
Maybe you can tell from my words or something... but I am feeling very, very happy. This is because this morning I transplanted around 16 roses, a job I have been meaning to do for quite some time now. I love how the reward is not only feeling capable and satisfied, but also getting to keep all of the little roses that have to be snipped off.
This is where I make my tea. Actually, this jug is a new addition as our faithful whistling kettle died a few days ago. I miss the whistling of the old one but this one seems to give me fewer burns.
This is where I sit and do my posts. Also where we eat, chat, do homework, crochet, puzzle, draw, etc, etc, etc.
And this is where I curl up at then end of the day with my hobbit feet.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Great photos! And very happy to hear you'll have clean undies tomorrow!!

  2. Love the clean underpants comment . . washing / folding humor crosses continents.

  3. You have a very nice home. Thanks for the tour.

  4. Cant wait for your blueberry bushes to grow and for you to harvest your first crop..yum-jam, pie, pikelet.
    I don't know why we all get so het up about mess, everybody has mess so long as its not dirty. If anybody comes to visit its only to see you and not your mess (not that I consider your house messy). thanks for being so kind and sharing.

  5. your home looks looks so cozy + colorful.


  6. Love your home. It is very inviting and cozy looking.

  7. Your home looks well "Loved" in. I am of the opinion that a spotless house seems cold to me. I want a warm loving feeling in a home....and you have that :)

  8. Hi Kate -

    Great to meet you in THE shop yesterday - and wow - the bike is awesome! I pinned it on PINTEREST!

    Will keep watching - look forward to seeing you again.


    PS. Tauranga Knitting Centre is now on Facebook!

  9. Loved seeing your gorgeous sunny garden. All is grey and muddy here now the snow's. A cosy welcoming home, thanks for sharing.

  10. fewer kettle burns have to be a good thing!
    I had a corker on my wrist from a steam burn (reaching be the boling kettle for tea) and was asked quite bluntly once if I worked with kids with special needs and had been attacked! Specific thinking....could've been horrific DV or just me being idiot...!

  11. Awww... That was so fun and thoughtful of you. VERY cool app too! You're right- we are a curious bunch. Maybe I'll put a bit of the hearthroom out there for folks to visit soon. I was just thinking how so many folks (in the US at least) want homes to look so shiny and new but it can be so bland. Your home has lovely personality!

  12. Love your house so much. I keep remembering that brief visit I had there - want to come back again, and bring my little ones to play with your little ones. And we would sit and drink tea, and talk about pretty things, and of course crochet!
    Are you on Instagram? You must you must. I want to follow you!!!
    have a good good weekend. Can you give my Stef a hug when you see her, and her sweet little new one - as well as her other two. I'm missing her.

  13. Lovely post Kate, your house looks lovely, a proper home, cosy and lived in perfect.

  14. Love the house tour. Must say I think you have one of the few houses that does not need instagram as I LOVE all the bright colours on your blog and your mess frankly just looks arty. melx

  15. Love your blog. I just saw your bike and had to post it where we're freezing up in here the USA. What a lovely job you did! And folded clothes on the couch do, indeed, mean clean underpants! I'll drink to that.



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