Friday, February 17, 2012

This Week.

This has been a good week alright. I finally caught with two of my crafty friends - 2ndhandmaid and AuntyMum at the same time, in the same room. The gorgeous cushion and blanket pictured above and below are made by Belinda (aunty mum). We spent at least half an hour admiring just the blanket before we could even begin to go crazy over her other makings. She also has a pattern on her blog for the rose cushion.

Hugo got stuck into his drawing this week.
I love happy dragon dinosaurs. Sharp teeth though, don't be fooled by that smile.
And today I did something very special. I hung out with Stef (remember the bride? Check out the wedding section in the side bar) and her new little baby girl Evelyn. It was the first time since she was born that I had time to cuddle, squeeze, gaze and photograph her little toe-peas as well as drink copious cups of tea with Stef. I call it bliss.
Evelyn is starting to talk back (in a baby version) and she has littlebig smiles and she looks at things and thinks about things. I am so proud that I didn't bite her once... even if I was tempted. Don't you think she looks really smart...
Hope you had a good week too.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Love your small boys art. There is nothing better. We have a roll of paper from ikea so I tend to get works that are 40 cm x 4 metres! melx

  2. very nice and very colourfull! cool blog!

  3. LOVE the pillow! Gorgeous!!! Reminds me of some of my grandmother's work - that is a compliment! I will have to check it out further.

  4. I happened to see the blogs of Aunty Mum and 'next door' and saw their comments so it was lovely to see you writing about their beautiful work. Shame about Belinda' not taking the photo! Doesn't she realize you enjoy having your photo taken!!

  5. I saw both the blogs writing about this 'event' so lovely to see the beautiful work of the other two girls. Doesn't Belinda know you are very happy to have your photo taken!

  6. Lovely pictures - what talented children xx

  7. it is really my hornor to have a view at your blog,it is really good.



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