Monday, August 6, 2012


 I made more progress on the angel/fairy/girl over the weekend whilst snuggling on the couch with the boys watching Star Wars for the first time.  I never knew that I was a Star Wars fan but it turns out that I am. As I was watching fight scenes with the light sabers, I found myself thinking how useful they would be for cutting paper into amazing shapes and patterns.
 All I now need to do is sew on her wings and flowers.
Then she will be ready for a silent auction at our school ball. See how she has her dancing shoes on....
Hope you had a great weekend,
Love Kate xxooxx.


  1. Hi Kate, I just LOVE your angel/fairy /girl, absolutely gorgeous!! You are just so clever! That is going to be a brilliant silent auction with things like her for sale, can I put a long distance bid in? I would love to buy her just for me! Have a great day! Julie :)
    PS I am hooked on the Clone Wars animated spin off from Star Wars, I love watching it with my youngest boy after school, much better than a lot of kid TV.

  2. You are so talented Kate! She is gorgeous and I hope fetches a huge sum for the school. I saw Star Wars when I was 4 on the big screen(how un pc was my mother)and fell in love with Luke ( apparently most girls love Han but not me) and I always wanted Leia's hair, of course! melx

  3. She is beautiful!!! What a great work!!
    xxx Alessandra

  4. I love her! You are a very talented lady! Ada :)

  5. She is Too Cute for Words!! : -)



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