Friday, August 3, 2012

Papier Mache and Things.

 This is getting ridiculous - only posting on Fridays at the moment. Well, next week I will have to get my act together and sort out my life a little more. Although, I have to say that this week my cousin/sister-in-law and family left the country for France and every spare minute was put into loving them as much as I could before they went.
Do you like the logo I have crocheted for my hairdresser? I am off to give it to him in a moment.... I can't wait to see it hanging.
Yesterday my friend Mandy came over with a tiny head wrapped in a cloth... a little while ago I gave her a papier mache ball to paint up as a face. So, last night I sat down and started crocheting madly. I am soooo happy with the hair and now can't wait to start on the body.
Better fly to my appointment,
Love Kate xxooxx.


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