Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vikings and Teapots.

 This is me dressed up before the school ball as Freya, goddess of the north. This is also me before ingesting a particularly potent and delicious honey mead. By the way, I am wearing black wings.
 Our next door neighbours and viking worshippers. Savage and cute.
 This is the teapot I quietly crocheted on the couch the day after the night of honey mead. 
And I made this little fella too, another Stanley.
Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh - we are coming towards the wettest winter on record since 1953. Today was supposed to be sunny so I hung two loads of washing out, the sky looked, laughed and dumped a whole bucket of water upon my efforts.... I know I shouldn't take it personally but sometimes it is hard not to.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. What a spectacular bunch you and your neighbours must have been. Super gorgeous outfits!
    Jo :)

  2. the teapot cosy is darn cute!! love the stripes and the yellow "door"!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  3. Fabulous costumes, you and the neighbours! You really did deserve to win, neighbour too. What was the prize? And the tea cosy, beautiful. It reminds me of another project I have in mind....when the next pair of socks are finished maybe....
    love Mum

  4. Hey! found your blog.... been lovely reading thru it, you have some truly awesome inspiration, we definitely need to "hook" together some time! ......... Vicki (jays mum)

  5. Awesome costumes! If it's any comfort we're just coming to the end of the wettest summer since sometime-ridiculous and it's been vile. Hope you have a better summer

  6. love your tea cosy so much!

    Barbara x

  7. amazing teapot! so funky and lovely!

  8. Fantastic costumes! Your teapot is incredible, so cute! I love the little button detail.
    I understand your washing frustration. I am fed up of having to rehang washing inside because it has suddenly started raining outside!
    Abigail x

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