Thursday, August 16, 2012

Origami Yoda and a touch of Viking.

 My daffodils have opened - they are such a joyful splash of colour in the house, especially with the torrential weather we are having. Will we ever be able to wear clean, dry clothes again?
 Archie and his cousin Will are wild about a new series of books, the first is called 'The Strange Case of Origami Yoda' and includes instructions on how to make your own venerable sage. Will is having a wonderful year of travel and has sent us photos of his Yoda from the Golden Gate Bridge and France. We did receive a very sad email from him a couple of days ago saying that his Yoda died in an accident involving a pocket and a washing machine. He has however, since been reborn with a different set of instructions which can be found here.
 Dominique came over for a cup of tea today and casually sketched out some costume designs for the medieval ball we are going to next weekend. I love them!!! The best thing about going as a viking horde is that you can wear ug boots.

This photo has been taken with a big thanks to Stef... She has the most beautiful collection of doorknobs and has completely inspired me to change my kitchen knobs. It will be a slow project though as I will only be able to purchase a few each month.... we have lots of drawers and cupboards.
Have a lovely day/night.
Love Kate xxooxx.


  1. I didn't realise how much I needed to make an origami Yoda- until now!
    Brilliant! Thanks for the link.
    Love those costume drawings, too.
    Oh, and such pretty doorknobs!!

  2. Love the daffodils! My friends daughter showed me some Origami she made yesterday, it was beautiful! I wonder if the Origami Gods are trying to tell me something! Now....where's the paper! Ada :(

  3. Please can I borrow Dominique? Please Kate? Just for a couple of weeks? xxx



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