Friday, February 8, 2013

A New Bike Basket.

I had a little accident the other day. I fell off my bike.... like a five year old might. I was okay, lots of spectacular bruises but pretty much unharmed. Except my basket didn't make it, I landed somehow on it (the physics remains a bit hazy as other parts of the bike flattened me) and heard a loud crunch of wicker. I was a bit miserable on the return stretch, secretly sobbing not because of my leg and foot, but because of my beautiful, handy basket.
 So of course I had to track down another and I have decorated it - or have begun to... but I don't think I like it as much. Maybe it's because we haven't bonded yet.
Hopefully when it is attached to the bike I will go "Awwwww". At this stage though I am still missing my old one.
First world problems methinks.....
But I really love riding my bike with stuff in my basket. Especially good stuff to eat.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Were you able to salvage any of the crochet from the basket? I am glad you did not break any bones but bruises hurt a lot too don't they! I do love your bike, it is a beautiful work of art!
    How is the new computer going, looks good from this side of the water. Love Mumi

  2. It looks super pretty. I bet your bike gets lots of attention whenever you take it for a ride :o) I really wanted a basket for mine but as we have saddle bags I couldn't really justify the cost, they're quite expensive aren't they?

  3. Hope your bruises are better!!!
    the first love it's hard to forget, but the new one will find soon a place in your heart!!!
    xxx Ale

  4. I did too! I had my 17mo son in the bike trailer behind me, which thankfully stayed upright while I took my tumble. Scrapes and bruises - I felt like a little kid again! Takes you right back... Sounds like you need to fill your basket up with lovely (yummy) things and go for a nice basket-bonding ride. Hope you are feeling better!

  5. What a cool looking bike, I really need to 'fancy' my market bike up a bit.
    Sorry to hear about your tumble, hope you bruises aren't too painful.

  6. aww noooo. totally first world problem but i love my bike too and completely understand, i hope you grow to love your basket just as much xx

  7. This is the best....most creative...nicest....wonderful bike I've ever seen.
    Greetings Daniela

  8. Wow! I'm not great on a bike, but even I would have a go.....if I could have a beautiful basket like this one, well done! :) x

  9. perhaps the prettiest bike and basket I have ever seen!
    Allison x

  10. I hope your bruises are healing well! I think your basket looks pretty nice! Maybe a cheerfull lining (which you can see while you're riding your bike) would improve it even more!

    Love, Kirsten

  11. How awful, first falling off your bike, (something I do fairly regularly) and even worse losing your beautiful basket. My bike was stolen in the summer and the worst thing the thief did was ruin my basket you can gather I got my bike back.......I think your bike is simply divine and if it wasn't so wet here I would cover my frame with yarn too, as it is I just have some jolly bicycle bunting and flowers on my wicker basket. I'm sure you will learn to love your new basket, you wait till it brings you home something gorgeous!

  12. Your basket is GORGEOUS!! Love it. I want a bike just so I can have a basket Just Like This!!

  13. So adorable and pretty!! xo Heather

  14. Can you please post instructions for the bunting? I LOVE IT!!!



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