Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wool and Fox Feathers.

 First of all - I am about to start knitting a new jumper for myself - I will include photos of the pattern in another post. Grey, yellow and neon pink are singing to me at the moment.
 And now for the most exciting part.... the genius that is my father-in-law. I was staying with my in-laws when I was working on Franco Fox. Norm (F.I.L) suggested that all was needed to finish him off would be a tiny feather. For the next few days we searched to no avail until this morning when I found a small wing on the lawn. I don't know how it got there and yes, there is some guilt in using a dead bird's feathers... but look how perfect it rests upon Franco's jaw.
 Much better to use an 'abandoned' wing than chasing small birds to pluck them. This is where if I used emoticons I would put in a happy face.
 It does add to the whole hipster look.
Because you know how you always see hipsters with their striped tops, skinny jeans and feathers?
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Clever Norm! Mr Fox just looks as though he has been caught out....Who? Me. Love Mum

  2. Very clever! I love it! I knew missing a feather from my mouth meant I couldn't complete my hipster look!

    Hey the wool is ace. Do you like knitting for others? Imagine young Sassie in one of those jumpers... or her mother?


  3. the feather detail.....just right!!!!
    xxx Ale

  4. My little boy and I have fallen head over heels with Mr Fox! Do you have a tutorial for a novice crochet mama to follow to recreate him?

  5. Fantastic Mr Fox!!!
    Can't wait too see the jumper you are planning, those colours are going to be amazing together!!



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