Monday, February 11, 2013

Fancy Bike.

 Well guys, thank you for your comments and yes, you were right. A weekend with  a bike attached to my basket made a big difference and I am starting to grow more fond of it by the day... Even if I did have a little 'incident' at the farmer's market in front of a few friends. I loaded up the basket all nonchalantly indicating I was off for a healthy ride with my spray free veges and generally just showing of about how organic I now am (I am really not very at all). Unfortunately my very overloaded basket popped off the bike and spilt blueberries everywhere. I laughed awkwardly, scraped everything together and rode off wobbling the way you do when you are going very, very slowly trying to keep your blueberries from rolling away. I don't know how long this basket will last...
 So here is my bike having a bit of a fashion show. 
 I have to admit that when I ride my bike I pretend to be all casual but really inside I am going "This is MY BIKE!!! ". 
 I love how in this photo it's looking pensively off into the distance. This basket is more of a thinker.

Oh yes, we made it to the beach too. The weather was warm and the waves were the best they had been all summer. Archie and I spend hours boogie boarding together and I think I have ruined any chance he has of true surfie talk by teaching him some of my phrases. When I described the waves as rowdy the other day he asked me admiringly where I learnt my surfing banter from. I told him the truth. I told him that I made it up. So now he knows that phrases like "There's a lot of pi going on in the green room" are not commonly made statements. They should be though.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Oooooo! That's your bike, you clever girl. I saw it on facebook the other day and posted it to my wall saying I so need a bike like that to ride around the village I work in. I can just see myself popping off to the bank or the post office on a bike just like yours.

    Very much fun.

  2. Kate I laughed so hard about the pensive basket photo I actually snorted!! xo

  3. I love your bike! If I had one like this I would probably use a bike more often. I have a friend who has a motorised buggy and you have given me a fantastic idea to 'yarnbomb' this!! Take care. Chel

  4. Beautiful bike again. I am rather envious of those swims you had. The dam doesn't quite have the same ambience! Mud and weeds before you get out far enough to swim!, love Mrs A

  5. I love my vintage bike. It looks almost just like this one but with a little rust and a wire basket. I crocheted a seat cover for my that I cant wait to show off as soon as I can get my Husband to dig the bike out of the storage. uugh.

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