Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Finished Quilt.

 Today I finished my quilt. I can't quite remember when I began it, some time last year when Mum came to stay. There wasn't much to do, just a few squiggly lines (there was already so much geometry in the pattern) to hold it together and Bob's your uncle! This is one of Archie's photos - he had another day at home recovering from his cold.
 On the machine - how I love my walking foot!!!!
 And then, on the bed. I had my best afternoon nap today, just the right temperature. The wadding is a bamboo/cotton mix and perfect for strange autumnal warmth.
 This is another of Archie's photos. I know I am his mother and completely biased but I really do think he has an eye.
 And my basket for today. The shop Cotton On always has the best inexpensive bags on sale to put your newly acquired goods in. These bags were maybe $2 each with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. It's so easy to be charitable when the aesthetics are just so....
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. That looks fabulous! Another thing on my to do list! I need to replace our one which is getting a bit long in the tooth... one day!

  2. Wow! that's a pretty quilt! I think Archie indeed has an eye for photography! Who knows, maybe in the future you have your very own professional photographer on stand-by to capture all of the things you're making :)'

  3. What a nice quilt, and Archie's photos are very good!

  4. Oh, you did a great job on that quilt! It's lovely!

  5. I've been brave and hope I made you proud since I've become your follower.

    Such a magical number of followers, since I am only beginning, I have not many followers, so nothing to be proud about.

    What I would like to say is that you so took a blogname that would have been very apt for myself.
    "Greedy for colour", that is so me.

    Why didn't I find such a wonderful name, saying it all.

    I simply adore your blog because I am a colourwoman myself.

    Be brave and have a peak at:


  6. I so know that feeling with many quilts half finished and still sat as WIP's - I am going to tackle one next!

    Such a lovely quilt - the colours are perfect.

    Nina x

  7. Simply stunning Kate, I love it. I am planning to make a patchwork duvet cover this Spring time and hope to finish it before summer...we'll see :o)

  8. beautiful quilt - I am making one at the moment but it is very slow going!

    Nikki x

  9. I think you should employ archie to be your new blog photographer! you'll never need to worry about a photo again!



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