Monday, March 18, 2013

Crochet Adventures.

 On Sunday I went off on a little jaunt to learn how to yarnbomb with my best neighbour. It was held by our new bloggy friend Emily from wildandgrace at her beautiful home. She has written the most wonderful post all about it so I will leave it to her to explain what we were up to.
In the meantime - here are some photos I took of the couch I was sitting in - Not something I usually do but I couldn't resist this time....

 This is the basket I took. You never know what you might need to make.
 Emily's wall....
Emily's couch again....
 Emily's chair....
 And for soemthing a little different - some presents I wrapped this morning in graph paper and washi tape.
It was very early.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. just visited the blog of Emily! I've seen you and your yellow shoes very well! ;oD
    Love your graph paper packages! Bought just some the other week!
    XXXX Ale

  2. what a lovely way to spend a day, i so wish we were neighbours - just checked out Emily's blog everything looked devine :)

  3. What a fab sofa, my furry friends would love that!

  4. Wish I could have been there! I always like seeing 'peeps' of you on someone else's blog! Yes, I know those shoes...and the face....! Love Mrs A

  5. Love the crochet, washi tape always makes me smile! :) x

  6. I must buy some of this tape. I've never had any and it looks to be full of possibilities!

    PS: I'd have taken a picture of the sofa too when it's that crochet pretty

  7. what a beauty that sofa is.....
    bestest to you on this happy monday
    daisy j

  8. Hello. I am really loving your blog. I hope you don,t mind but I have linked to you in my latest post. I am hoping to make some of those gorgeous eggs for a very special charity near me.
    Kindest thoughts Linda

  9. oh wow, Emily's sofa is amazing!

    Nikki x



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