Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mice, Lighthouses and Cake.

Hugo successfully turned 7 on the weekend... I say successfully because his first attempt was botched at 4 o'clock in the morning when he met Jonno on a bathroom run, "Do you have anything to say to me Dad?"......... "Yes, get back to bed".
It's funny how much more prepared we were acknowledge birthdays after 6 am!
Jonno and I gave him this lighthouse puzzle - it's an absolute cracker with over 220 pieces all labelled  with numbers and arrows. We sorted them out by 10's, a really wonderful exercise for Hugo in number placement and recognition - particularly when we reached the 100's. Very proud of it he is!
 I on the other hand, have been crocheting these little mice. Mice love lighthouses.
 Although they are a little nervous about peering over the ledge.

As for the birthday cake, I'm afraid this photo is it. As per usual, I took about a million but somehow they have vanished into the ether. 
By the way, I did end up with the response from Hugo I was after.... when he saw it iced but unadorned, his face wrestled with emotions from disappointment (he knew I spent a whole morning making it and had high expectations) to incredulity. Finally he tentatively said, "It's a bit boring". 
I had to laugh as Archie, in on the secret, replied "Oh well, you know we're on a budget this year. It's all cheap ingredients and plain cakes now".
So yes, he was a very happy chappy when the cake was cut.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Happy birthday Hugo! What a delightful surprise when you cut your cake :o) Love the lighthouse and wee teeny tiny mice xox Penelope

  2. Those mice are adorable. Happy Birthday to Hugo and what a cool cake.

  3. Haha so many happy (and hilarious) family memories!

  4. I am in love with your little mice, so cute! :) x

  5. Beautiful cake!

  6. What a cool cake - I would have loved to see his face when he cut into the beautiful jewel layers of sponge. I am also loving the cute mice x

    Ps just found your blog and its adorable

  7. What a lovely post - all of it! The puzzle, the mice (sooooo cute) and the story of the cake. I can just imagine how happy he was when you cut the cake. My little one is 7 as well, a great age!

  8. I love the lighthouse.Where did you get it from?Those little mice are adorable.

  9. What a lovely surprise that cake must have been, Kate, bet your boy's face was a picture! Love the mice.
    Thanks so much for your supportive comments this week.
    Hen xxx

  10. Seven such a lovely age. We're about to move into 11 and still holding on to innocence thank goodness. Bet he was thrilled with the lighthouse and your stripy cake.
    I'm very impressed with your wee mice. So adorable.

  11. Oh what a great joke, I bet he loved the inside!

  12. Adorable mice, lighthouse and litte boy.
    Cake: ?

  13. I just found out the little boy is called Hugo.
    Oops that is a coincidence, we have got a tigercat at our home that comes by the same name.
    Sorry about that.
    I don't know which one came first.
    Our Hugo was born in 2004.



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