Friday, March 8, 2013

Mice and Beetles.

So this is rare for a Friday morning, setting up new and strange scenes (this one is unfinished). Often it's a town day, my chance to catch up on jobs and restock the fridge before the weekend. However today Hugo is sick and needing lots of t.l.c. (tender loving care) so in between drinks, cuddles and snacks, I have been able to play around with crochet-ey things a little.
 First of all (I didn't set this up by the way), here are the mice talking to beetles who have been sent on a trade convoy. I think it might have something to do with stars? It seems to be going well.
 Here are some tickets that Hugo made, allowing me access to his room - he makes them for me often so there is never the fear of running out.
And here is the little man himself. Usually t.v. is not allowed on a sick day unless they are completely miserable. I felt that Hugo qualified when he said that there were so many things he wanted to do but felt too sick. It is very rare that Hugo isn't keeping himself busy. Right now I hear the comforting sound of Star Wars in the next room. I might go and join him for a little while.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.
p.s. Go and visit Stonefruit Season and see some really, really beautiful photos of Hugo and his cousin Sophie when they were little. There is also a funny story to go along with it about my sister!.


  1. Poor thing sick just after his birthday, my boy turns seven this week too, such a gorgeous age. the mouse - beetle trade convoy is a hoot. mel x

  2. poor boy!!!
    a big hug for both of you!!!
    xxx Ale

  3. Love the tickets! Hope we get some if we manage to get over there!

  4. aww being sick is always horrible... Let's hope he gets well soon. In the meantime, Starwars is always a great way to kill some sicktime :)



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