Friday, August 2, 2013

A New Batch of Library Books.

 I thought I'd better show you some of the books I have out on loan from the library at the moment. Honestly, I have never come across such a wonderful temple of books in my life. The craft section literally groans with the most amazing selection of books possible (actually it doesn't, I think the sound might come from me but if anybody looks at me, I just point to the shelves with a slightly disturbed expression as though it is coming from pages lurking within).
 I have to admit that I do work the system, constantly checking for new books and putting them on oder so that I am the first to crack the spine (and smell the new book smell).
 This is the pile of fiction that I am currently working my way through. I have already read "The Rosie Project" though but I included it because it is one of my favourite reads this year. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I love books.
What are you reading? I would love to add your suggestions to my list...
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Those are some beautiful stacks! I'm the same way, working the system the way you do.

  2. What a lot of great looking books!
    I'm very intrigued to see that you're reading Kate Atkinson Life after life, she's my absolute favourite author and I haven't read this new one yet as I didn't think it had been issued in paperback yet but yours looks paperback so I'll have to investigate!

  3. Wow my mum always said NZ libraries were good! I've just read some of Rebecca West's novels and loved them

  4. P.S. Have you read "The 10pm Question" by Kate De Goldi? I read it earlier in the year and loved it

  5. I just rediscovered the library the other day - in fact I just posted about it so had some serious deja vu there ( I can't believe I hadn't been in so long - silly me! Oh, and I also LOVED The Rosie Project, fantastic characters.

  6. I do the same with the Auckland library system. Have you read The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Great read.

  7. I listened to the audio version of Life After Life. It's not my favourite of Kate Atkinson's but I did like it for being rather different.

    This morning I started a classic from the 1920s called Goodbye to all That by the poet and writer Robert Graves, following his experiences in WWI. It's surprisingly funny, but I've only got to his schooldays....

    Love seeing what others are reading. It's very satisfying.

    Pearl Lowe is bugging me now tho - her Mum's someone who used to be pretty famous (singer? musician?) but it's bugging me know. I'm going to see if I can remember rather than turning to Google.

  8. You will certainly be kept busy with your book stack!

    I love my local library and use it all the time. So much to discover. I have Life After Life on my reading list this year and have read good reviews about it.

  9. OMG, your library puts our library to shame. I LOVE your stack of books. There is nothing better than coming home with a huge pile of books and thinking of all the wonderful hours of fun you are going to have reading and being inspired.
    Have a fab weekend,
    Anne xx

  10. Why do I always forget I can get such lovely things from the library! Thanks for reminding me.

  11. Hello Kate
    Love little French kitchen ...
    and Kelly Doust has very creative ideas
    happy reading
    Barbara x

  12. Oh, amazing Book The Crane Wife. Maybe you know books similar to Patrick Ness?



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