Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bird Brain.

Sooo, the new head piece is coming along well. I might have to wear it every day for a few weeks just to make sure it fits. I really wish that I had this on my wedding day.
I put this second photo up because I noticed that I am looking a bit older in it. I am okay with that I think... Just strange when you suddenly notice it. Wasn't I six only the other day.
This is my latest project - you can find the pattern here.

Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Well done you for modelling for us all. It looks truly fabulous. Those popcorn squares look good if not a bit yarn 'hungry'! They look like they will eat your wool but be really nice and warm. Jo x

  2. Age and ageing are immaterial. As long as you can keep on making stuff as lovely as the headpiece, who cares how old you are; how old do you feel? I hope to hit my late teens by the time I reach 60.

  3. You look fabulous with all your birdies and butterflies x Love all your colour choices for your new squares xx Penny

  4. I think you look cute and if I had your birdie head piece would have to wear it every day. Loving those grannies x

  5. Older, yes, but still beautiful!
    Love the birdies!!

  6. so good on you!!!!!
    lovely crochet, xxxxx Ale

  7. You look lovely, the picture of springtime and the bloom of youth. I love those squares, they're really different.

  8. Hi Kate,

    This is the loviest crown I have ever seen.

    Too bad it wasn't there already on your wedding day. Would have been SO cute and pretty.

    Perhaps you can send the pictures to the makers of the series "game of thrones". They would probably use it on the nice looking blonde (don't know her name, my son is terribly fond of her)

    Apart from your head piece, I am also impressed by your squares. Guess I am going to use them for my blanket. Thanks for sharing;


  9. Stunning headdress, as always love your creative spirit and the colours you use.

  10. You look very pretty in your headpiece :-) And none of us feel the age it says on our DL.
    Your squares are coming along nicely; I like the bright colors.
    Blessings :-)



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