Saturday, August 24, 2013

This Week's Books...

This week's library pile was quite tall so I split it in two. Sometimes I wonder why I have a sore back on Saturday morning... it wouldn't have anything to do with lugging big library hauls to the car. Surely not. 
I am very excited this week as I have Karin Slaughter's latest thriller AND Tiffany Baker's newish book, 'The Gilly Salt Sisters'. I adored her first novel, 'Little Giant of Aberdeen County' so much and I am sure from reading the blurb, that this will end up to be a goodun too.
Hugo has just discovered Percy Jackson (thank goodness for Rick Riordon) and as Jonno just finished reading him the 3rd Harry Potter (or Ha-Po as they call him???), they can now start on 'Sea of Monsters'. Jonno and I came to an unspoken agreement a while ago that I would read to Archie and he would read to Hugo at night. That way we don't have to repeat too many chapter books and they can head off in which ever literary direction they want. 
Archie is 10 and an avid reader but still loves me reading to him. The great thing is that we now read a lot of different books, autobiographies (Roald Dahl, Bear Grylls and Gerald Durrald (sp?)) and great fiction. I can read books to him that are intended for older audiences because we can discuss what's going on or even (because there are some things a mother should never read to her son), skim past certain sections (I'm very good at ad-libbing).
The boys are in crackerjack moods this weekend because Jonno is having a bit of time off. Calving is very busy on the farm and Jonno puts in his all. So to have a snippet of time is gold. The boys are celebrating by taking an engine apart with him in the shed. They also spent a good part of the morning roasting a lemon outside - I think they were supposed to be helping Jonno clean out the car so I don't quite know when they decided that they had pressing culinary needs to pursue. Once they dusted off the ash they cut it open and decided it was quite the best way to eat a lemon. Okay...
I'm doing a bit of cooking today but when it's all done, I'm planning to cover a lampshade that has been sitting like an ugly toad next to my bed. It's gonna be so purty.
Hope you are having a good day.
What book/s have you got for the weekend. Leave a link in the comment section below and I will drop by to see.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. My daughter absolutely adores the Percy Jackson series, she is hanging out until September when the second movie is released. I just picked up the new Phillipa Gregory from the library today, Happy reading to us.

  2. My daughter is doing the 6 book summer holiday challenge at the library and it has really kept her reading over the summer break. Roasted lemon?! I imagine it has various uses! JO x

  3. Percy Jackson is awesome, and if you enjoy them definitely follow up the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. We saw the second film and it was really good and muh enjoyed by my 11 to 15 year olds. Me? I'm reading Gone Girl and a cookbook by Yvonne someone called Homemade Winter. It's raining again in Britain.

  4. My grandson loves Percy Jackson and has read all the books, yesterday he saw the new movie and loved it. I'm reading The Seamstress by Maria Duenas which is good and The Happiness Priject by Gretchen Rubin - hope you and the boys have a fun weekend x

  5. I think it's wonderful that you read to your children. I don't think we ever get too old to be read to. I enjoy audiobooks while I knit or hand quilt. I'm now reading The Grapes of Wrath.

  6. Having visited n.z in jan whilst staying with my parents we checked out whangarei,s library loved it very envious. On the plus side we still have a local library and I requested the Rosie project loved it .will check out more of your recommendations..Jenny in the sunny Lake District .uk,

  7. Loving the book piles - I will have to wait for some of my reserves to come through so I can add some of your books to my list!

  8. I love your book piles! I just read David Sedaris' 'Let's explore diabetes with owls', which i think was in one of your recent piles. Most amusing. Had me laughing aloud a few times! Now I'm in 16th century England in the last days of Christopher Marlowe (Louise Welsh's 'Tamburlaine must die'). Enjoying it immensely so far. My 10 year old son has been reading Percy Jackson too. He's now begun them for the second time! He's also been reading a book about movie monsters, an incredibly battered and obviously well-enjoyed book from the school library. He appears to be building a very arcane knowledge of Greek mythology and monster movies from c. 1950-1980! My kids love to be read to, too. Have you/they read RJ Palacio's 'Wonder'? It's a book we've talked about a lot (definitely one for a little parental-editing/ad libbing-as-you-read though!) Thanks for sharing all that you do! I always love dropping in on your lovely blog world! fiona x

  9. The skirt a day book looks fun. Are you going to? ;-)

    The little room of rachell

  10. Hi Kate,

    Your reading pile looks fun. I have just got a new book, it's called "Meringue Girls Cookbook" (not sure if you can use the link below). Whether you're a meringue fan or not, but it's definitely worth looking at for the beautiful colour and flavour combinations alone. Oh and the meringue letters!

    Best wishes
    Katie x

  11. 724 resimoDon't stop reading to your kids. My husband read to ours until they left home (who else has read all of the Lord of the Rings and the Count of Monte Cristo aloud. Twice. Our kids were over six years apart). My husband is a quiet, engineering type and the reading time was precious to them. As it is to me now. He reads to me while I crochet.



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