Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Favourite Little Things.

 Here are a few favourite things from today.... Working out how to make eyelashes - I'll share this with you tomorrow if I have time (big day). 
 Pruning the roses and reaping the rewards of those extra special late flowers.
 Making a chocolate swiss roll for the first time (and adapting the recipe so that it is gluten-free).
 Eating the aforementioned baking and having a 7 year old say that it tastes as though it came from the cabinet of his favourite cafe. 
 Finding well loved but mislaid photos that have been hiding in the bottom of a drawer.
And once again, roses... just because they really are my favourite things.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Beautiful roses - bet they smell divine

  2. What a wonderful day...full of great things to celebrate.

  3. They are not so little your favourite things.
    And as it happens they are my favourites as well.
    Especially the thing about finding old pictures. I get really excited each time I come upon forgotten pics.
    And as Always I absolutely adore your pictures.
    Can you advise me as to how to make them so big in the blog?
    It doesn't seem to work for me.

  4. Thank you for answering my question about enlarging the pictures.

    My problem is that your method always works with 3 or 4 pictures I've uploaded, but never with all of them.

    After I've enlarged some, the system doesn't allow me to do the others.I cannnot work it out what I do wrong.

    Must be something really silly.

    No worries though

    (such a nice expression in English, you are so lucky with your language!)

    Have a nice evening!


  5. How did the gluten free swiss chocolate roll come out? Where did you get the recipe? And is it very time comsuming to make.
    I am gluten free myself and it looks delicious.

  6. I too would love the recipe as I am also coeliac! Lorraine from Scotland



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