Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Washi Tape a Foxy Wall Sticker.

 I have been wanting to wallpaper my bedroom for quite some time but have been extremely lacking in motivation and perhaps most importantly, skill. I was browsing pinterest the other day and came across some great inspiration from here and here. I had a play around and then came up with this method. I hope you like it.
 Cut out your template (I folded an A4 piece of paper in half to make sure it was symmetrical) and blue tack it to the wall.
 Snip enough washi tape to have a slight overlap at either end of the head.
 Overlap the next piece of tape to make a reasonably tidy corner.
 Tape around the whole head cutting and measuring as you go.
 Cut two pieces of tape for the snout bringing them up on an angle roughly to where the snout ends.
 Finish off the snout (I wish I could stop writing the word snout) by using tape to bridge the cheek to the snout (there it is again), creating two triangles.
Cut 4 pieces of tape of the same length for the ears, using them to make two triangles, one on either side of the head (you know how ears are).
 Well, hello Mr. Fox!
 And Mr. Bear.
 For other shapes I found it really useful to google origami patterns and take the shapes from there.

I found it much easier even if I wasn't taping around the shape, to stick it up on the wall as a reference.
Have lots of fun and please tell me if you make any amazing washi tape wall shapes/animals.... My next challenges are paper crane and paper plane outlines. Wahoo, life is for the living (and playing with sticky tape)
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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