Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Joining the Dots.

After my last giddy post celebrating the joy of Spring - old Mr. Hay Fever paid a visit. This wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, except for the fact that I have tiny little holes in my ear canal bones so the moment I get a bit snuffly, I become so dizzy that I have to lie prone in bed. Thank goodness the medication has had time to settle it down somewhat, but it is very frustrating. As a result I thought that today was a good day to concentrate on joining all of the good dots together. 
First of all, going through Jonno's new book, 'Jamie's Comfort Food' by Jamie Oliver (of course and handsomely dressed on the front cover like the yellow Wiggle). This is a truly wonderful cook book and I've already marked about a million recipes with some extremely cute sticky labels.
Deciding to cook his Hummingbird cake and having the kitchen fill with the crazy-delicious smell of baking.
 Getting ready to make Spring pot plants.
 Having a brand new pair of turquoise gumboots to kick through pink petal confetti.
 Choose where to sit and enjoy the first few evenings of daylight saving... under the wisteria....
Or under the cherry blossom.
So going slowly at the moment does have it's compensations. Yesterday lying in bed I also had time to finish Jo Walton's amazing book, 'My Real Children' which is completely and utterly unputdownable. It's basically about an older women beset with dementia and torn between memories of two parallel lives, I became so involved and so attached to both possibilities that I couldn't bear for an ending where one may not to be real. Be warned though, it is one of those books that ruin you for anything you try to read after.
Time for lunch.
Lots of love,
Kate. xx.


  1. It never ceases to feel strange, reading about spring when over here in the northern hemisphere, we start to see signs of fall everywhere...
    Ps -what a lovely wisteria !

  2. Beautiful pictures !!!
    Greetings, Tinne

  3. Hope the dizziness disappears soon! So lovely to see spring blossoms when we're experiencing fall now. I love both seasons except for the sneezing and all that goes with having allergies. Nothing like the scent of wisteria!

  4. I might come and join you in NZ, although we're having a lovely Indian summer that's bound to end eventually and then we'll be in cold and dark. Do you think my uncle and aunt in Wellington would mind me moving in? With umpteen boxes of books and yarn...

    Hope the hayfever and ears are better soon

  5. Just like everyone else, I love seeing your beautiful signs of spring as we head into Autumn here in the States. Your photos of the flowers are just gorgeous!

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