Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Macrame and Candles - A Skill Swap Morning.

 Gaaaahhhhh! I have been missing blogging so much! The past few days I have seen me falling into bed each night exhausted and unable to speak, let alone write. So I am posting even if words are only used sparingly.
And thank goodness I have something fun to write about! Today my friend Maddy (who made the dream catcher) came over and we had a morning of swapping skills. Maddy taught me how to make soy candles (wahooooooo!!!) and I shared my extremely meagre knowledge of macrame.
 This is Maddy in action.
 In this day and age it's a wonderful thing that we can sign up here and there for classes but they are expensive and something that just isn't always in the budget. I love the idea of bringing different talents together and sharing knowledge for the joy of it. It would be a great thing to set up some kind of forum bringing people together in this way. Thinking cap on!
 I made a couple of quick nets (?) and have swivelled with a new direction - crocheted, macramed, bonsai balls - there is going to have to be a catchier title than that! Watch this space.
 I can't wait to get going!
 I love, love, love candle making - it really is one of the most relaxing crafts ever, especially when you have a lovely teacher.

And here is some bunting I bought on the weekend. I'm so annoyed because I lost the label telling me who made it. The colours are sublime though aren't they. 
Lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.


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