Sunday, November 23, 2014

Quiet Time.

I have spent the last few days in bed sick. Midway through last week I began to feel awful, overwhelmed by all sorts of things I really didn't need to be worried by and very, very, very tired. I woke Thursday morning with a raw throat, headache, etc and suddenly had to obey my body's orders to lie flat.
I don't know if I have mentioned before that I have a funny ear syndrome where I have a tiny hole in each of my ear bone canals. I suffered for years with intense bouts of nausea and vertigo until X-rays revealed the story and medication was prescribed (which has been a miracle). When I get a 'nuffly' nose though it means that I have to remain prone as the pressure is too much for my ears.
Fortunately, the boys had school Thursday and Friday and I had a stack of books to work my way through. 
I've noticed of late that my ability to deal with stress has been decreasing. It's always been something I have had to be careful about but the mindfulness that helps me deal with it has been slipping away at the rate of knots. Not surprising that I have ended up with a good old stonker of a bug.
The funny thing is though, that after being in bed for the past few days, I feel as though my soul has been wiped clean. All the things I have been worrying about have turned out not to matter and instead I've had time to revel in a feeling of peacefulness and let that grow in its place. I don't know how I will feel tomorrow when the new week's pace starts up again but I hope that I can hold onto the mindfulness more firmly.
 I am a big advocate of list writing. It really helps me to keep everything in check and I am addicted to the ticks that completing a task brings. However, I was thinking today that I need to put lovely things onto the list, things I might do through the course of the day without realising that they are the most important things. Top of the list really needs to be things like - drink a cup of tea quietly - pick roses for bathroom - photograph something special for the blog/instagram. Of course the list has a million other pressing and ordinary things to do but including beautiful things would be a much more uplifting way to start the day.
 This morning I walked around the garden picking roses for my room and had a 10 minute tidy so that I had some loveliness to look at before collapsing back into bed.
What a difference it made to my day. The smell of these roses by my bed were heaven.

And I managed to take some photos from bed for a book review tomorrow with my cat Tinkerbel keeping me company. Just wait until you see this book, it is in my top three knitting books ever!
I hope that you have managed to find some rosy bits in your weekend too!


  1. Not much rosiness here but plodding on. I think your idea of including something beautiful in each day is a gorgeous idea. So glad you are feeling much better as that sounds like a miserable bug on top of your ear thing. Stay well and happy.
    Ps Tinkerbel looks very comfy there

  2. Sorry to hear you have been so poorly. Those roses look fab, what a treat to be able to pick them from your garden.

    Hope you feel much better very soon.


  3. I hope you get better soon
    I love the pictures of the flowers, just amazing x

  4. Well done for listening to your body - just don't go rushing back into things too soon. Love your roses x Jane

  5. Sending get well wishes your way! I love your roses and the idea of one in the air plant containers. For lists, have you seen bullet journal? Very cool.

  6. Hope you're feeling better! Will talk to you during the week xox

  7. you need to read a book called 14,000 things to be happy about. it's so nice! I used to have that thing with my ears and I used to have to take anti-nausea medicine to go shopping.

  8. Hope that you feel much better soon xx

  9. Hope you feel better in no time... Stress is not our friend and bugs aren't either. Feeling you and feeling for you - keep ticking off that happy list x

  10. Hope you are soon feeling better. Vertigo or anything similar is really horrible. Love your roses.

  11. I am glad that you were able to add some prettiness and fragrance to your room to help you relax. It is so important to nurture one's spirit every day in some way but especially so when you are not 100 per cent.
    Take it easy. xx



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