Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pink Rope and Macrame.

 Eeeeek, I was searching for paracord on trade me (New Zealand's version of ebay) and came across this pink paracord - so perfect for macrame. Of course I snapped it up with a sweaty fury and then waited anxiously for it to arrive in the mail.
On the day it finally appeared in the mailbox, I was on my way to town and bought this huge, glass bowl to use the rope with. I found one for $25NZ ($20US) - it really is big - so felt it was quite the bargain. Of course the first thing I did was start knotting up the moment I came home. 
The air plant in the photographs was borrowed from another little terrarium and has since returned to its home. A trip to the nursery will be my next job!
 I'm also really excited because my Christmas postcards and magnets arrived at the end of last week. If you order a copy of 'Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon' between now and the 10th of December, you will receive them as a little thank you treat with your book. AND did you know that the books come wrapped AND postage is free so I can send them for you to anywhere and anyone in the world! Hassle free Christmas shopping at its best.
 Here is a bee in our blossom tree. I had to include it because it is so sweet and there is also a burgeoning pink theme in this post.
 And to top it off, my favourite pink rose in my favourite teacup with pink roses...
Lots and lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.


  1. I love how you've used your paracord with that big glass bowl. It is so elegant.

    I bought a 400ft (!) of paracord when I was going through a 'phase' and was mystified at the array of colours your could buy. Unfortunately my talent only extends to keyring fobs, cat toys and using some to lash a fainted tree to the fence during this winter.

    Just don't laugh at my efforts...

  2. Love it - especially the last photo - such a happy scene :)

  3. Hello, the bowl is wonderful with a lovely shade of pink paracord, very effective.
    I am just finishing the first of 3 mini caravans-oh my word they are sweet, loving them.

  4. Lovely pictures - definitely very pink.

  5. Beautiful! I love it filled with your crochet plants!I have the same little type of air plant in it's own little bowl that hangs but, I like the idea of a macramé hanger instead. I can see several different sizes hung in a group together. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll have to look for clear bowls

  6. Love the paracord/macrame idea! We are going through a paracord phase in our house as well, my husband bought a few bits of it just today, and he wants to make something with them (he just doesn't know what yet, ha!).



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