Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stanley's Christmas Count Down....

This was Stanley's first Christmas. He was just a little lad, firmly swaddled and braving the snow. I do feel sorry for his mother as she looks exhausted in the photo. On the other hand, Stanley's father looks so content. He travels for work so was very relieved to be home Christmas Eve. His job? Stanley's father works alongside a travelling magician, he is the rabbit that jumps out of the hat. Not the most regular of hours but as he constantly reminds himself, somebody has to do it.
This is one of the photos from the inner leaf of 'Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon'. Stanley's mother stuck some family snaps into the book with washi tape which was very kind of her. 
Now.... the count down is on for Christmas. If you would like to order a copy for some lucky person's present and they (or you) happen to live in Europe, America or the UK (or anywhere else), be sure to order by the Friday 5th December to make sure that it arrives before the big day. If you are in Australia, you have a few more days with the last being Wednesday 10th December.
BUT the best news is that I have ordered some postcards of Stanley's first Christmas and I will send one out with each book ordered over the next few weeks. Yay. Usually I pop in a little card to say thank you - this one I will leave blank so you can send it (or keep it) or do whatever you like with it.
As for the book, sales are going really well and I am starting to receive some lovely reviews (which are always nice). Kat Goldin from Slugs on the Refrigerator, my crochet hero and author of 'Crochet at Play' and 'Hook, Stitch & Give', had this to say....

"There are few things I love more than watching people do what they love and so, when Kate Bruning from Greedy with Colour published her children's book Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon, I immediately clicked over to etsy to ensure one would be arriving on our doorstep.
From the moment it was opened, it became our new favourite, with Georgia declaring Stanley her best friend and insisting I read it every time I sat down.I have long loved Kate's sense of colour and whimsy in her work - from her awesome bicycle bunting to her crazy awesome hot air balloons - Kate brings fun to whatever she is making.
Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon pulls all of that together in one beautiful package. The idea is so simple- the first half of the book is the adventures of Stanley the bunny. The second half of the book includes patterns for making many of the elements seen in the story. Its a truly amazing work of art - the story is sweet and relatable, the photos are lush and full of detail and the patterns are sweet and simple. I can not recommend it highly enough.  We love sitting and looking at the pictures and just taking in all of the details".

Sooooo, only if you feel like it, hop on over here and make sure Stanley (just like his dad), arrives in time for Christmas!
Lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.


  1. I have just spent the last hour and a half browsing through your blog at all your crochet posts, and I haven't even finished yet. I was fascinated by the Stanley story and I have now purchased the book. I love seeing someone take their crochet passion to the next level and look forward to seeing your book arrive in the mail. Thanks for such a great blog and also for sharing lots of your patterns for free. Keep up the great work xx



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