Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Places to Knit.

These summer holidays, my knitting has come everywhere with me. In the photo above we have just come out of a long tunnel filled with glow worms and stalactites and found ourselves at this amazing swimming hole. Where better to pull out morning tea and continue on with a knitting project....

This tunnel was at least fifty metres long which doesn't sound huge but being quite narrow and full of interesting things, it took a very long time for two little boys to walk through and examine everything. Glow worms are magical, they made it feel like we were walking through a space tunnel.
This is my current project, wrist warmers for a birthday present. I love how quickly they knit up.
Here we have a very crucial operation being undertaken - Ted Ted's tail being reattached with some specially selected gold thread. Hugo loves his little friend so much that he had to hold his paw (even though Ted Ted was under a general anesthetic at the time).
And shared relief. I love how Hugo has to keep an eye on Ted Ted.
Still loving Summer - we had a wonderful swim today with lots and lots of waves caught (and released - we are very humane).
Better tootle (make that bike) on home and start dinner.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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