Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holidays with Grandparents.

We are very, very, very lucky at the moment having a holiday with two sets of grandparents. The boys are in absolute heaven - can you see how happy Hugo is to have his night-night story read by Fafa (my dad). I don't think Fafa minds somehow.

This is Fafa with his brand new blanket crocheted for him by Granny LouLou. She only began crocheting in September and has now completed two blankets (this one in chevron stitch!). To say I am impressed is an understatement.
Fafa's toes are being kept warm by some slippers I crocheted for him this week. Last night he was very content snuggled up in his blanket with slippered feet.
Hugo's Gran Gran gave him this elebank which he is thrilled with. There was a moment of alarm however when he put his hard earned lolly money (something that only happens on holidays) into the elephant as unfortunately (or fortunately), once coins are put in, short of breaking the bank they don't come out again.
I've also finished some wrist warmers for an imminent birthday. It's a weird pose I know but it is very hard to have a natural shot of gloved hands. I look like I am practicing an Easter Bunny pose.
Time to get back into a bit more colour now that I have finished those little jobbies.
And guess what Granny LouLou did for me - would you believe she tucked in all of the tails for Hugo's blanket, a project I finished about 18 months ago. She just sat down and did it. The joy I feel in this cannot be explained by mere words. But, there is a lot of joy.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.
p.s. For people who enquired about how my bike would cope with rain - I keep it in a garage (in fact I really refer to it as being 'stabled') and I don't go riding in bad weather anyway. A little bit of rain would probably give it a good wash so when it becomes a little grubby I may even wheel it outside during a storm - although I cannot imagine doing such a thing at this stage...


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