Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Bike.

Eeeekkkk - I can only write a quick post as for various reasons, my only access to Internet at the moment is in a cafe and I have spent a ridiculously long time loading photos. They are now starting to look at me as though maybe it's time to either re-order or hop on my bike.
And so - this is my new, extremely pimped up bike. I'll get more photos up at a later date and it is still undergoing construction but I am very happy!!!!
Jonno asked Archie where I was this morning and he said "Downstairs working on her bike". I thought that sounded like a very cool thing for a mum to be doing - even if it was with a needle and thread...
The basket is working well, good for keys, bread, money, Hugo's feathers, etc, etc, etc.

But sometimes it is too hard for a little boy to put his little red shoes in the basket and a bicycle seat will do.
Well, thank goodness summer has arrived in N.Z. at last. We are revelling in it with lots of beach swimming (Hugo has turned out to be a demon boogie boarder) and bike riding. I can't believe the freedom that comes with riding a bike around with the kids. Summer is good.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


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