Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ice Cream Colours and Beach Smurfiness.

Only a couple of beachy days left with the boys starting back at school tomorrow. Everything for me now is starting to take on a poignant tinge. However as ever, a splash of colour does a lot to cheer things up. I did a little bit of shopping yesterday and bought these two smocks and the ice cream coloured necklaces.

I could eat them.
Maybe Archie's iced chocolate was the inspiration...
Or the intensity of these colours - my niece was very kind in letting me photograph just her skirt.
The boys have been having a wonderful time with their cousins - I love how bionicles seem to be the most sensible choice of toy to take to a cafe. I almost felt like I should have left my knitting at home and grabbed something similar.
Uncle Boo came up with a brand new beach game - 'Wave Chicken'. The title is probably self explanatory - the gist being that everyone lines up in the shallows, face front to the waves. The first to hop up loses.... sometimes the really brave players wriggle out even deeper into the water.
I think this photo reveals the winning duo.
Auntie Jodie brought her very special vintage collection of smurfs with her to the beach as her favourite childhood memory was making smurf houses and castles in the sand. I think the kids will all remember this forever too.
Very sensibly, she lined them up to count first.
And they all came back home safely!
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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