Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blossom Rings

Once again this is Archie's hand holding a blossom. Yesterday morning I just had to escape from the world for a while so I began knitting leaves and flowers - the blossom was made by knitting a circle, embroidering the centre and running a line of yarn around the top which was then pulled to achieve the shape. It's good for the soul to have a blingless ring.
I am sick in bed at the moment... It's such a wasted bed-day being unwell. I would far rather pass a day in bed revelling in books and food than instead using them to console my fevered brow (it gets a bit messy), still, good to have an easy form of consolation I guess. I just hope Jonno comes home from town in time for lunch, the toast he makes is made with love itself and simultaneously warms the belly and the heart.

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  1. Oh dearest Katie sick in bed...thanks for sharing your precious quiet time with yesterday and teaching me some of your special skills, the saying patience is a virtue has never been more true...who would have thought you would get so sick after such a nice afternoon! Rest up and try to make time for some book revelling...yours admirably Christel



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