Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quiet in the Afternoon

This is Jonno's contribution to the world of knitting - he is very happy to drink the contents if anybody else finds themselves needing such equipment.

This is the flower from the book 'Knit 2 Together' by Mel Clark and has been knitted for stage three of the mobile project. I am obsessed with them and if I had all the time in the world, I would paint dead branches a glossy yellow, festoon them with knitted flowers and plant them around the garden.
It is now the quiet afternoon, Hugo is upstairs sleeping and Archie, finishing his day at school. Usually I spend this portion of the day napping too but like the dish and the spoon, time ran away on me. I am quite curious about what it is like to be awake between 1pm and 3pm and I have to say, the skin over the universe does stretch too thinly at this time. Much better to lie down and let it gently skim over your white sheets instead. Just about to wake Hugo and do the school pick-up. Archie needs tributes of strawberries to peacefully transition from school to home at the moment so I will begin my foraging.


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