Sunday, November 30, 2008

Picnik collage of Melbourne shops

Finally, here are the photos of the things I went mad over on my Bella's tour of Melbourne (you have to be friends with her for a while before she will take you on one though...). The picnik collage above and below consist of photos taken from the most amazing shop 'Sedonia' which can be found at 41 Gamon St. Seddon. They specialise in local handmade goods and have literally the best selection of goods I have seen on so long - I am not being paid for this I promise. The Babushka dolls and hairbands are my favourite things and the packaging is divine. I also just love the mobile in the bottom right hand corner with the little girl hanging out casually in her mother's belly.

The shop featured above is called 'Winkle', we found it by accident on Armstrong St. (Number 26), Middle Park when we were trying to track down a shop I loved ten years ago and couldn't remember where it was... just the general direction. Honestly, I did feel so greedy for colour when I walk in - the necklaces are edivine, a cross between edible and divine. Both shops were very nice and let me take lots of photos while talking like a fast paced lunatic. Thank you very much for being so kind.

The last collage has been assemble from shops that were unfortunately closed being a Monday (back in my day this simply did not happen) so I guiltily peered through the window and snapped away, Bella sitting in the ute with engine running so I could jump in for a quick getaway - hopefully next time 'Specklefarm' and 'Empire Vintage' will let me come in. And that is the tour!


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