Friday, November 7, 2008

Regaining My Balance

Here is a photo of my boys big and small. They are a bit more interesting than me at the moment while I recover from an inner ear virus. A current photo of me would make people shudder - think green, hag-like and puffy haired....
It is funny how much your body reflects your life. Not that my life is green (although it is Spring), definitely not puffy (although it is windy) and completely not hag-like (I have nothing to add to that one). Just in that I do feel as though I am on unsteady ground with so many things happening beyond my control and feeling slightly adrift in that great big sea of life. Hmmm, time to start visualising a big anchor, rich loamy ground (for steadiness) and ummm what else, a bowl of yogurt to return my complexion. Just as long as I can get to the polling booth tomorrow, New Zealand's turn for some political glory and intense debate with a random father-in-law who will remain nameless. At least it has given me some time to knit - I will post photos tomorrow.


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