Friday, November 28, 2008

Melbourne to Omokoroa

A sneak peek into my Melbourne photos - this is taken in a shop called Sedonia - I will trickle some more through later.

My parents farm in North-East Victoria

Taken through the window of a beautiful shop called Speckle Farm - they were closed...

Last night I arrived back on our doorstep bedraggled and slightly jet-lagged (I don't really know if it is possible from so short a flight, tired anyway) and was welcomed back by Jonno, Archie and Hugo. They have all grown so much, although Jonno's hair has shrunk, he may have had a haircut. So good to be home but very sad saying goodbye to my Melbourne family. At the moment I am feeling a little between two worlds, no doubt a good nap after lunch will help me to ground into New Zealand soil again. And a trip to the chook shed may be helpful, to feel a warm freshly laid, blue-green egg again and walk through the orchard with all the trees starting to put colour into their nectarines. These things will help.
When I have the energy I will post lots and lots of photos from the amazing shops I saw that were filled to the brim with beautiful hand made stuff. I love stuff. Off to hang some sheets on the line.


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