Friday, October 9, 2009

Stripey Crochet Balls...

This is what I got up to during rainy mornings on our little holiday.

Just a little entry tonight, I am so sorry about the erratic blogging. Our Internet has been a bit tricksy but is hopefully on track again. Well, I am a bit tuckered out from lots of cooking... "What kind?" do I hear you ask... just cake and desserts... "What for" do I hear you whisper with antsy anticipation... just my Birthday tomorrow. Wahoo - A whole year has been spent waiting for this date and here it is, galloping toward me through the night to greet me in the morning with magic and crackle. I'll post again tomorrow with shining birthdayness. Happy mybirthdayeve to you all. xxooxxooxx


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow...hope you have a fabtabulous day!

  2. Hmmmmm I wonder what wonderful treats will be found in strange places (like the letter box) on your fabulous birthday tomorrow. xx

  3. Happy Birthday Eve to you! Love your crochet balls, they are even cuter with stripes, if it was possible! :)

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow :) Hope it's a fabulous day. Those crochet balls are just fantastic :) K

  5. Happy happy birthday!! I hope it's as bouncy + gay as those crochet balls! :)

    best - annri

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is beautiful. I love the stripey crochet balls



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