Monday, October 26, 2009

We went visiting...

This weekend in New Zealand isn't just any weekend, it is the weekend of the long weekend variety - for labour day or something. The sky has been blue and has stretched seamlessly above us, the air softly butting against us with velvety warmth and the garden uplit into a golden, song-filled paradise. It has been a good weekend anyway.
Yesterday morning we went to my cousin's house for brunch. Have I ever told you about Jodie. It is all very legal, I promise you... but here it is... we are cousins as well as sisters'-in-law. The easy way to explain it is this, we are cousins who married two brothers. And the other way is this. Jodie (Australian) met Darren (Kiwi) in a Sydney pub and liked each other very much. Eventually they became boyfriend and girlfriend and then we met Darren. He immediately told me I was destined to marry his little brother and I didn't believe him. Then, Jodie and Darren were getting married and Jonno flew over from New Zealand for the wedding. We met each other, loved each other completely and to the surprise of everyone (it was moderately quick), we married each other. And for the past nine years we have adored each other to pieces.
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary which I have to say, as much as I love birthdays, I am not a big anniversary person. But when I look back to the beginning, I think if anybody told me that on the cusp of a wedding anniversary (that would mean I was married) I would be having brunch in New Zealand with my cousin Jodie and our highly related children (they really, really, really can't marry between themselves), I don't think I would have believed them.
By the way, our super-genetically in common children look nothing like each other which to me is perhaps the most bizarre thing.

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  1. My husband's two aunts (sisters) married two brothers. His family is also very, very related! And yes, I don't see much resemblance between (amongst?) the children of those marriages. Funny thing.

    I love the story of your meeting and marrying. Sometimes you just know right away :) Have a lovely anniversary and congratulations.



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