Friday, November 20, 2009

Back Again!!!

We are home again but sadly, not with the tan and aura of holiday well-being I was hoping. Instead we staggered through customs bowed down with coughs, running noses and temperatures. I am sure I saw Jonno consider fleeing when he saw the Hugo and I emerge from the big immigration doors pale and sweaty.
However, after two days at home I am slowly unpacking our suitcases and coming to terms with everyday life again. But oh how my heart is still in its Australian beat. Yowsers it hurts living between two countries. And oh my goodness how I treasured my time with my family.
It was extremely hot for the majority of time I was there which meant Mum and I spent lots of time sitting in the cool inside crocheting... I have to admit, I couldn't see the downside to that. On their kitchen bench, three jugs of cool water huddled like refugees under a shared tea towel so my first job was to liberate them with their own cover as quickly as possible. It turned out to be such a pleasure as she had boxes of beads from my step-grandmother which I eagerly poured over, sorting between doilies.
Hugo had a ball with his cousins (loving their dress-ups to - is there a doctor in the house?) and Archie and Jonno had a great time with the house to themselves. It is just lovely to all be back together again though.
I better go and catch up a little bit more on the whole getting suitcases out of the house caper but will be back tomorrow with photos of fabric bought from my favourite shop in Melbourne.


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