Monday, November 2, 2009


Thank goodness I am the mother of two boys who don't mind a bit of retro in their life. It makes pyjama sewing so much more fun. Isn't the print above amazing - apparently it's from Brazil but there doesn't seem to be any brand with it, just a cut-out star fixed onto the roll with 'latest from Brazil' written on it. It's a mystery all right but who am I to question inexpensive, good quality cotton.
I have to admit that Archie was probably more receptive to the pattern because he had been looking at photos of Jonno from the seventies. Jonno was one psychedelic pre-schooler back then.
Well, time to sweep up the little sultana-like balls from the floor as we have a toddler coming over later and I don't really want him eating too much rabbit poo. I am sure a little bit would be okay though, it looks very nutritious, kind of like dried balls of kelp. Maybe.


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