Friday, November 27, 2009

A New Baby... Just Not For Me.

I haven't been at home very much for the last couple of days. Instead I have been in a magical universe with some friends who have just given birth to a beautiful little girl. I was lucky enough to be their support person, however, like the midwife, I missed the actual birth because she popped out into the world so quickly. Luckily since then there has been huge need for a tea-maker and that is something I can do very happily (even if I do drink the majority myself).
I have been busy making things and will show photos of pretty, sparkly stuff another time but right now the big blue couch is calling me.


  1. Oh those darling little legs!! So cute.

  2. ooo what a special time - you have made me feel quite broody! :) xxx

  3. Oh Kate! How lovely to welcome you to my little blog. Sadly Glove and I will have to say Goodbye tomorrow as he's going to a new, but very good home. Thankyou for your kindness...makes me more confident that his new owner will like him. Your blog gives me so much pleasure and todays was especially special. My friend had her first baby this week too. Precious little ones.
    Much love, Amanda

  4. Oh my goodness Kate, the sight of those lickle legs and lickle booteed feet has brought a lump to my throat and made me feel incredibly broody. I've seven weeks left till I meet my little bundle, and your post has made me realise for perhaps the first time just what I have coming...Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I'm going to have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Funny how I get so into being pregnant that the thought of the end product hasn't really registered somehow??!!!

    ((thank you)) and hugs to you, your recent experience sounds amazing and quite life changing actually



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