Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My house as a garden.

The walls in my home are of the palest duck egg blue, the kitchen and steps provide a bright cheery contrast of red and green, but all in all, the paint work is pretty serene. Clustered around every surface however, a different picture emerges and these little pieces end up creating a riot of colour in our home. They are like annuals, easy to move, great while there but eventually gather dust and need moving. My next step in my house the wild garden, is sewing cushion covers, I guess this counts as re-potting and I am sure it is time to start pruning our cupboards. The floor was mown today and the dishes washed though with slightly more care than my gardening tools at the end of a muddy day. Speaking of which, I had better tend to the small gnomes lurking in the shadows, make sure they are fed and watered. Just a few little thoughts... xxooxxooxx.


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