Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Stuff Like Sweetpeas and Pom-poms...

My feet are beginning to touch the ground again after being in a golden bubble watching a new little life start working out what it is to be alive. I loved having my own babies but somehow, not being fatigued and bewildered by having given birth, it is just so much more fun watching a friend's baby being born.
So kind of back to normal today which was actually lovely. I am very much in the mode of Christmas present thinking so I finished a few bits and pieces and now am beginning to tackle a few decorations for the house. Because we have every second Christmas in Australia, it is really exciting having a New Zealand one where we can have a tree and get a little festive with friends. My latest little bit revolves around making lots of pom-poms (very quick with a pom-pom maker) and threading them onto waxed cotton. Better than tinsel any day (mind you, I really, really love tinsel...).
And then the other thing is finally sewing all of the crochet balls which I made a little while ago onto a knitted wreath. This one is going to be very good for doing in front of the T.V.
Oh dear, a toilet emergency, I had better go. Hope you have all had a good weekend.


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