Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Stuff Like Sweetpeas and Pom-poms...

My feet are beginning to touch the ground again after being in a golden bubble watching a new little life start working out what it is to be alive. I loved having my own babies but somehow, not being fatigued and bewildered by having given birth, it is just so much more fun watching a friend's baby being born.
So kind of back to normal today which was actually lovely. I am very much in the mode of Christmas present thinking so I finished a few bits and pieces and now am beginning to tackle a few decorations for the house. Because we have every second Christmas in Australia, it is really exciting having a New Zealand one where we can have a tree and get a little festive with friends. My latest little bit revolves around making lots of pom-poms (very quick with a pom-pom maker) and threading them onto waxed cotton. Better than tinsel any day (mind you, I really, really love tinsel...).
And then the other thing is finally sewing all of the crochet balls which I made a little while ago onto a knitted wreath. This one is going to be very good for doing in front of the T.V.
Oh dear, a toilet emergency, I had better go. Hope you have all had a good weekend.


  1. Good day kate, I very touched my self by your creations beautiful , I loved your work, I liked your nature colors that are there with an art beauty, here you deserve a soft kiss to nectarine flavor.

    Ah I forgot to present me: Here I am; Jamila, Moroccan, elderly 48ANS, unmarried, direction secretary, I spend my days: the correspondence, the reading movie, travels, sport, the stamp collection, the soap collection, nature, brodery, crocheting, the kitchen and I very much like to be a day decorator.I launch myself in of other leisures to break the rhythm Daily life. To soon

  2. Gorgeously gorgeous,,,,,,,that wreath, ohmygosh is going to look so beautiful.

    Very strange seeing your sweet peas when today I've been photographing winter frosted berries!


  3. Beautiful Kate! You're an artist, I love this post, just had to say that. And the flowers in the beaker, like jewels.................. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  4. Funny thing is I am an Aussie living in Aus. with a Kiwi husband. But when I visit NZ I feel more at home than he does. Often wish I could live over there. There is a whole different feel, vibe to the place that makes me feel comfortable. Not to mention the fact that you can walk through long grass without the threat of snakebite or garden without a nasty spider bite. When boarding in Wellington for home, I can't tell you how many times I have looked out at the beautiful houses on the hillsides surrounding the harbour and wept.
    Sue, Victoria.



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